Mr. Dara Rith

Corporate Trainer

He is a civil servant working at Phnom Penh Municipality, Ministry of Interior with the position of Chef of Capacity Development Office, Human Resources Division. His main responsibilities are organizing of the annual training plan for the sub-national administration, designing curriculum and learning materials, preparing practical exercises and activities to heighten the capacity of civil servants of the Phnom Penh Municipality, Khan and Sangkat administrations. He graduated Master degree majoring in public law in 2016. He has also attended exchange programs, sharing experiences and professional workshops in Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand. Through the profession teaching administration Since 2015, Mr. Dara Rith will train you for a career as a competent administrative manager to fulfill all aspects of work according to the needs of the organization in accordance with the current social context.



- M.A. Administration Law Asia Europe University 2013 - 2016 - Bachelor of Laws Cambodian Mekong University 2008 - 2012 - Bachelor of Education (TESOL) RUPP, IFL 2008 - 2012

Work Experiences

- Promoted to position of Chief of Capacity Building Office, Human Recourses Division, Phnom Penh Municipality 2018-Present - Worked as Administrative Manager in private companies from 2012-2015 - Joined the civil service 2015