Master of Ceremonies

A Master of Ceremonies (MC or emcee) plays a crucial role in the success of any corporate event. The Master of Ceremonies help to represent the conference or event as a whole, while keeping the show on schedule and keeping the audience engagedThe role of an emcee is to warm up the crowd to prepare them for the program ahead. The emcee sets the tone. You are there to make the main stars of the show look good. You are also there to make sure there are smooth transitions between different segments of the program so that it flows smoothly.\

Training is designed for the busy professionals, being short and intensive and combining lecture and demonstration. We place a great emphasis on making the training practical, getting participants to practice the techniques taught. The exercises carried out focus on specific issues and cases related to people management skills and leading in challenging situations. Trainers provide advice relevant to your circumstances and requirements based on their experience. Participants have ample opportunity to discuss specific requirements with the trainer. During the training, we focus mainly on: - Activities Based - Experiential Sharing - Role Play & Simulation - Game Based - Learning Action Plan - Case Study - Discussion - Facilitation - Evaluation - Pre-Test and Post-Test for All Participants.

Typical participants include managers and supervisors and professional staff who works are mostly related to Master of Ceremonies Skill and Hospitality.

Icebreakers, Slide Presentation, Exercise Bank, Case Study, Select Sequence, & Prepare Learning Activities

A master of ceremonies (also known as an MC or emcee) is the one who hosts for an event, a performance, or a ceremony. Generally, a master of ceremonies opens and closes the program, introduces speakers, makes announcements, and engages with the audience to keep the agenda of the program goes smoothly. Thus, to perform all these roles and responsibilities effectively, it takes time, efforts, and skills.


After joining this course, participants will be able to • Gain a better understanding of roles and responsibilities of an MC. • Learn essential techniques and tips to produce well-organized and smooth event. • Learn to write and prepare a good MC speech. • Learn how to energize the audience and keep them alive. • Master time management and flow of the program. • Serve its guests profitably while delivering a lasting experience. • Understand the extent of facilities management in the hospitality and tourism industry • Identify the impediments to understand the role the building plays in the profitability of the hospitality and tourism environment.

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